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Warehouse Robotics (Completed)

Principal Investigators:

Oussama Khatib

Silvio Savarese

Dorsa Sadigh

Jeannette Bohg

Project Summary:

Autonomous manipulation of unconstrained objects is at the frontier of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Consequently, product manipulation presents as one of the most challenging tasks in logistics automation. The Warehouse Robotics Project combines the skills of a diverse team of robotics, perception, and machine learning experts to bring embodied artificial intelligence to warehousing. Faculty will develop mobile manipulation capabilities for performing warehouse tasks such as pick and place, packing/unpacking, sorting, and delivery/retrieval. 
The major technical challenges lie in developing: 
  • Mobile robotic hardware including grippers, 
arms, and on-board visual and haptic 

  • Manipulation skills and perception 
capabilities adaptive to an ever-increasing 
set of objects through lifelong learning 

  • Controllers for safe interaction in 
collaborative and distributed tasks between robots 


Coming Soon...